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Shifting Circles is the first project created by Ardent Group Media of Vancouver, Fish and Crane of Chicago, Il USA, and Mind Unwind Foundation of Seattle. The above trailer is a sample of many evolving ideas and the wealth of creativity that is the hallmark of what we do. The underlying theme of most of our endeavors is to mesh mainstream scientific research to human imagination, mysticism, art, and spirituality. We welcome new talents and ideas as our Shifting Circle continues to roll toward a better way to be.

“With Mel Shampain signed on as on-air talent and contributor we like the package we can present to broadcasters,” says Executive Producer, Pat Bermel. “We think the Shifting Circles format which we have kept under wraps is unique in broadcasting. The web and social media intergrations the brings to SC completes the circle so to speak on how Shifting Circles can be wildly popular.”

A better way to be.




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