Mel Shampain Agrees to Contribute to Shifting Circles

American based Mel Shampain, actor, educator, and product spokesperson, has agreed in principle to contribute and appear in future Shifting Circles’ projects. “Having Mel on board adds a lot to the project. His appearance at the pilot and then continued support and consulting for us has been very valuable.”

photo of mel
Mel Shampain at Mind Unwind
“Having Mel Shampain officially in our growing Circle of like minded creatives builds on the momentum of Ardent Group and Mind Unwind. Mel is a proven character, his stories, creativity, incredible humor, scientific background, and originality have charmed his audiences for many years. We think this addition strengthens our groups as we build to our goal as a source of digital and web projects.

You can read more about Mel Shampain at our Facebook page: Or you can follow Mel at his personal Facebook findable with a simple Google search.

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