Shifting Circles rolls to the next – which has been revealed at the first and then to the next by what we will no longer call miracles but eventualities. And we will bravely act and succeed via generosity, trust, love and a desire to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants. There can be no other way.

-Peter Hetzel, Co-Producer

We as humans are the walking earth. The mission of the Shifting Circles is to let the Earth speak directly to the audience through the series.

-Pat Bermel, Co-Producer

If people throughout the world were to recognize their oneness through the light that connects us there would be no more conflict. On a large scale, this realization leads to world peace; on a small scale, it means harmony in the home.

-Keishu Sama, Head of Shinnyo-En

I can’t believe the world is really this magical.

-Matty Hetzel educator, writer, philosopher, contributer

Magic is just science we don’t understand.

-Arthur C. Clark

A spiritual civilization will not come about just because one person attains enlightenment. The whole of humanity must awaken to the cosmic principles of peaceful co-existence and harmony.

– Ilchi Lee


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