The long term goal for Shifting Circles (SC) includes giving everyday people a chance to participate in our journeys of external and internal discovery. This and many other unique elements to SC have not yet be released.

We also are looking for one more investor of television and film for a Phase II opportunity to join us with financial and other assistance. A television investment opportunity for a project with a full pilot complete and confirmed opportunities with three networks takes some risk out of the project. Also having a second phase investor excited about the project and on board creates not only amazing return potential for an entertainment investor but also reduces some of the financial exposure for potential broadcasters.

Because of the nature of Shifting Circles Group, our ability to be flexible since our origin, and our desire to be able to ”follow the next path revealed” we are actually rushed much more than typical projects. Our next trip preparations need to be complete by June 12,2011. Please don’t hesitate to call us and share in the excitement and power that we have already made.

Shifting Circles is following an amazing path in a very uncertain time for humanity. We are looking for you, an entertainment or angel investor, who recognizes America’s and the World’s need for and inevitability of significant environmental, economic and emotional change. Join us, friend.

Please email us or call for a complete set of our financial projections and show bible.

Light to Light,


Peter V. Hetzel

Some of the Crew and Healers of Britannia Beach Project One



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