Jan 08

Hitachi 10 Can Flourish in Indian Rail Venture

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An executive with Toyota asked me my thoughts on Hitachi Ltd. of Japan entering India with an in-house unit for marketing and procurement in a bid to win supply contracts related to shinkansen systems in India. Here’s a brief article on the plan.
Meditating on the venture I then consulted the I Ching. The results are not surprising but very, very interesting. We hope Hitachi and especially, Executive Vice President Junzo Nakajima, are listening.

Avoid All Internal and External Conflict

Off they go the Hitachi Ten (H10). Chosen not for their knowledge of India or Indian business culture ( to be fair, few have that) but because Hitachi thinks the key players have, for lack of a better word “cunning” and they show outward determination. But people with cunning and grit can be quarrelsome and when met with a powerful force like India conflict is sure to occur. But conflict is something that must be avoided both internally and, of course, in their marketing activities.

Right from the beginning then, to reduce or avoid conflict, all of their potential transactions need to be clearly defined to focus H10’s mission. And within the H10 each person’s rights and duties are to be exactly defined. Plus if they can create a spiritual like harmony within H10 potential troubles (and there are many) can be taken care of in advance.

Visit the Most Important Player in Indian Rail

Hitachi doesn’t need the oracle to tell them visiting the most important person in Indian rail is important.  But in this case it is doubly important  because if accomplished soon,  many of the potential internal frustrations and conflicts will be put to rest.  This meeting will certainly help H10’s  marketing efforts but, perhaps more importantly, it will also solidify the leader of the group’s position within the H10 itself. If he or she does not do this there will be unfortunate, resource wasting, conflicts, leadership questions and resource draining frustrations. This would be a shame as Hitachi has a high calling to help India, Japan, and of course Hitachi itself.

Being Right and Doing the Right Thing are Different

Not only do H10’s key people carry personalities that might lead them to be quarrelsome, they also act with a sincere feeling of being right. This will bring out opposition. But when, or if, H10 can become less convinced of being right they then shall face high handedness and encroachments. This is still far better than conflict. But when they do let themselves get stuck in a quarrel or conflict they have no choice but to be prepared, even if they are right, to meet fully halfway in India.

Pausing and ignoring so as to not allow even small things to go to full blown conflict will serve them well in the beginning.  Turning their back on a potential conflict to maintain peace will work out in the end. By carefully dealing with many issues, job roles, and strategies in the beginning, avoiding conflicts,  and adding traditional Japanese perseverance there will be peaceful and joyful progress for H10 in India.

The Hitachi Way for Success in India: Be Teachers

The oracle sees H10 potentially  helping Hitachi win India! The prospects, if the above issues are dealt with, has me tempted to buy Hitachi stock. By surviving the initial conflict stage they will develop patience with the business culture of India. Then the ultimate key for Hitachi, to unlock the Indian puzzle, is for H10 to market themselves as teachers of the rails for all of India. If, like a true sage, they speak from the heart with an honest desire to protect all the people, even the train hoppers, through quality products, know-how and a desire for a better world Hitachi Ltd.  may “inspire the Next” growth market for themselves and Japan.. Become givers of knowledge,  build trust, help with existing problems in rail in India and a great many future projects will come your way.


January 08, 2014



Aug 20

Solving Problems That Have No Answers

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problems without solutions

There is change and rest within the human experience. Change is a force that moves and rest is a force that builds for the next change.

Current political breakdowns and civil wars in the Middle East have us thinking how to solve problems that seem to have no good answers. When I put this to a wise soul he gave me back this:

To solve problems with no answers we must listen. We must listen for the truth. A truth that is fundamental to the heart of the human experience. That truth, of course, is love. But within our quests to listen for the truth there will be lies. This is the challenge, to see through the lies on a path to listen for love.

But by listening for love, and believing in the truth of love, people will still fight and die. The problem of violence will not be quickly solved, but dying for love will give the lives of the combatants benefits to their immortal spirits. Are they dying for a truth? That is for the individual to decide regardless of leadership influence. My hope is that they have thought it out and believe in their cause so much that they can kill without blame and die without regret. For this is a path that faces many and will not be stopped soon. There will be blood. It makes no difference.

So for a problems with no solutions, individuals I hope will think for themselves how to best advance their spirit. In this way there will be spiritual progress amongst another round of human violence. In this path of listening for truth humans will see a way to eventual rest from the current change.

Jun 05

The Show and Philosophy

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Shifting Circles has been described as “Entertainment like a chautauqua with a potlatch thrown in.”

Jun 05

Mel Shampain’s Shifting Circles

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We are hard pressed to argue with the popularity of Mel Shampain. Mel has stepped up from the glow of his contribution to Shifting Circles to carve a little niche for himself in that blue eyed, broad backed, barrel chested sex symbol space.

What seems to have been forgotten about the humorous and “sexy” Mel Shampain is his incredible intelligence mel shampain ferdinand vondruskaand friendliness. He adds a sense of unlimited possibilites to Shifting Circles and his creativity is off the charts. But what really makes Mel so valuable to us is his ability to talk to the fringe members of society. The lonely geniuses, the frustrated artists, the failed dreamers. These are the people that Shifting Circles seeks to build up and promote and we don’t think any are better at reaching them and building their trust more than Mel Shampain. Glad you are with us, Mel.

Nov 02

Shifting Circles Seattle News- Mind Unwind

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One of the first memebers of Shifting Circles is of course Krystal Kelly. She is a steady contributor to the show and on this site as well as one of our chief creatives. It was Krystal Kelly that took Shifting Circles to the Altai, some say the most magical land on Earth.

IMG_3492It was Krystal Kelly who came back to Seattle and started Mind Unwind. Now Ms. Kelly has added a wine loft to her already amazing West Seattle art gallery  http://mindunwind.org/

We encourage anyone interested in hearing her amazing story of the Altai and the synchronicity that brought her to Shifting Circles to stop in to wine bar and tell her that Shifting Circles sent you!

Sep 07

“Demokratische Teilhabe” Asked by Mario Draghi for Europe

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Remarks by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB
on receiving the M100 Media Award 2012
Potsdam, 6 September 2012

Bits of the speech from Sanssouci.

This was delivered several hours prior to President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The day of the Way for the author.

The full text is here: http://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2012/html/sp120906.en.html

Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi calls for a voice to make European’s citizen’s  heard, or “Demokratische Teilhabe”. We think the voices are speaking and there is hearing, but there is no true listening.  Leaders that can listen will produce citizens that are heard.  Not the other way around.

Draghi calls for  the media to help develop a eine europäische Öffentlichkeit.  A European Public Space.  He refers to creating a “European first” identity. “Imagine there’s no countries.”  Can Europe truly vision a day where one will claim their ancestory as European, for example? ” All is possible.

“Could you consider, for example, publishing what we might call “imported pages” from foreign newspapers?”  This is a decent idea. I’ve tried to implent this  with American publishers of newspapers years ago. Trying to get European pages into American press.  There was no interest.  But in Japan this was quite common with the very good English newspaper,The Daily Yomuri. Yomuri would put two full pages daily from leading newspapers around the globe but not with the idea of unification.

Unification and interest shall be a challenge for the media and politicos in Europe.  However, apathy can be overcome by building unity.  Unity of Europeans will come by developing empathy. Empathy is developed through education. Education is media.

Draghi continues, “Ultimately, a genuine European public space is essential for supporting the long-term vision of the euro area. Citizens need to be in basic agreement that, within a monetary union, certain economic models are no longer possible. They must understand that there are limits to national discretion in economic policies that affect the area as a whole. In other words, there needs to be a new consensus on economic policies that will reinvigorate the European social model and make it fit for the 21st century.”

This is the main and most concerning paragraph of the speech.  Within a “One Europe space” hopes are that old nationalism will take a back seat to  new nationalism- Europe.  This  will require much new conditioning of the gate keepers of the news prior to being able to transform generations into European citizens first.

We wish congratulations upon Mr. Draghi and wish him well.  We look forward to seeing him in San Jose 2012  October 15-16 CPV.



Sep 06

The Last Election

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“Global Presidency for  2016- or 2020 After Coming Economic and Human Transformations”

One day people will be shocked to think that you could use paper to buy fire.

CPV the Way

There is no choice but for a less nuked world for long term human survival

It’s not hard to think that continued global unrest will lead to significant changes in political and social structures in the next few years. As Arab Spring has proven, thanks to the internet and global media, people want to be heard, they want their share, and when they have nothing to lose are willing to resort to violence and mayhem.

In a Mad Max scenario with bankrupt nations unable or unwilling to control organized street revolutions one can easily see countries giving up their sovereignty for security. That security would have to come from countries that still have the will and resources to manage a nation in chaos. When that nation in chaos has nuclear weapons their will be no choice but to intercede. This new global governing body in the name of security will have a bright future. As more and more nations erode, this global governing body will expand. This is how the last election of the United States President is has been visoned.

Aug 14

I Ching Seeing The Way

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The image here may be worth only 1,000 words. The I Ching, though, may reveal a path for you to the infinite.

I Ching consultations and introductory training are now being offered in Tokyo. For the next several months assistance in developing hexagrams and interpreting your readings is available through a helpful and strong guide. Fees are based on transportation costs and initial sessions are a minimum of one hour. We suggest you pay what you feel the value of a reading is worth to you. If free is your desire, so it is.

We travel to business locations but prefer not to perform readings at our office and will not go to private residence for a first session. As we believe in empowering many to enter into understanding of the I Ching as an Oracle, we teach you how to empower yourself to consult the I Ching without further assistance from us. Certainly we offer continued I Ching assistance to those who ask, and can continue to help facilitate understanding of your readings, but our first goal is developing your independence from us or anyone else in using the Book of Change.

For I Ching consulting in the Tokyo area, please feel free to send a confidential email to us. We simply are bringing the wisdom of the I Ching to as many people as possible and hoping that you will spread this knowledge to others as well. We are happy to hear from you. One who consults and follows the I Ching will tap in to the synchronicity and oneness of the cosmos. “Oh, Did you hear that just now?”

As Is

May 17

I Ching Business Consulting

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Business buries itself in numbers- when they do not provide an obvious path, perhaps the power of Time can help.

When your business is at an impasse, perhaps the Chinese ancient book the I Ching or Classic of Changes or Book of Changes can provide guidance. We won’t explain the I Ching here. But we see the possibilities of using its remarkable wisdom through a time lens as an asset for any corporation. Every business, like every life, confronts situations where there are difficult choices to make. Fear not the I Ching…nor use it because of a lack of your due diligence.

Wise Ones, there may come a time to peak at a 5,000 year old technology with 64 outcomes that happens to match the amount of DNA codons. Strategies that expand our traditional ways of being, like the I Ching, are being used by clevers. Perhaps you may consider.
Fish and Crane Group’s Alternative Corporate Healing arm may be a first step.

Apr 21

My Business Needs an Exorcism

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AN exorcism for a business? Peter Hetzel of Fish and Crane believes that the idea a business is infected with the devil may be a bit extreme. “But I understand the sentiment in which these comments are made. People often view their own or another businesses as the devil,” says Peter.

“Words are powerful. And making statements like that might reveal more about the speaker than the subject of the accusation. But one area that we have been putting energy into is building our circle of individuals that are familiar with the ways of ancient purification rituals or ceremonies. For a corporation that may be struggling with past sins, or perceptions of failure due to past perceived sins, these types of ceremonies I know can create miracles.

Fish and Crane Group sees this area as an undeveloped source of power, insight, and transformation. Much stronger initially than most business training.

When Peter was performing energy assessments for companies at EcoHill, finding up to 30% energy savings was pretty common. “Getting companies to change a faucet to save water is not the solution. But having employees understand the miracle of and the appreciation for every molecule of water, now that is a transformation that helps them, their company and the planet.”

Peter feels the same way about a lot of business consulting. Standing in front of stressed executive and telling them how to cut fat and save pennies is great at the right time. “But before grand strategy and process transformations can occur I think a company itself must confront and clear the demons of its past, recreate a warrior spirit, rethink their thinking, and then, with those steps complete, a powerful vision of their future will appear.”

Exorcism for business? Maybe not. But a rebirth ceremony or retreat with the help from the ancients and the cosmos, yes. Yes, indeed.

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