Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 27

Words of Tomorrow

“Words of Tomorrow” is a pocket dictionary of words I’ve created today for use tomorrow. These words are mind gems. Some are created as my mind unwinds, others were created by someone else, but I believe them to be cool and I have given them my own definition. Here is the beginning of my project: …

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Sep 21

The Rainbow Bridge

Featuring the Love Fairy

  Upon preparing to leave for Siberia, I had to drop my daughters off with their Grandparents. On the way across the Puget Sound, while sitting on a ferry, my 8 year old daughter told me she wanted me to take her drawing with me on my trip. She said this was “a Love Fairy …

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Sep 12

A Full Moon Ago

During the last full moon, I was in the high elevations of the Altai Mountains in Siberia, Russia. I was, at that point travelling completely solo in a nomadic part of the world. The “towns” would be more aptly described as camps. The only thing familiar to me was the light of the moon…it was …

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Sep 09


step. step. swing. swing. pause. step. step. swing. swing. pause. step. step. swing….it is a rhythm. Like a pendulum swings, my arms are synchronized with my swinging legs. The rhythm follows a feeling in my beating heart. The beat, the step, the swing, the pause all-encompasing for the body, but the mind is free. Wandering …

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