Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 24

I asked, and the universe is providing…

a sleeping bag from Chris & Elina Hildebrand that trekked up to Mt. Everest with Chris’ dad who passed on this year a headlamp from my brother, Marques who uses it for late night bar-b-ques a sarong from my mom that I brought back from Indonesia for her about 13 years ago a therma-rest, camping …

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Jul 19


Love is good, Love is great…. Love is good to communicate! That is the message I want to carry with me to open energy portals in Altai.

Jul 18

Vodka and Pickles…

Yes, that is what good friends suggest at dinner when you mention you are headed to Siberia. Thanks to Arman and Sage, I now know how to “shoot wodka and eet spizee pickles.” Look out Russia, here I come! Lol

Jul 13

Altai Hat

"Krystalized" Hat

Carol Hiltner, the trek planner, gave all of us going to Altai this summer a hat. While we were packing up all the food in May for the trek, Carol mentioned that we should write our name inside the hat so that we don’t get them mixed up. Sarcastically, I told her that I wouldn’t …

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Jul 09

Throat Singers

Here is a preview of some of the students who will be joining us in Tyunger.

Jul 09

I may be an ephimerist…

yes, one who studies daily motions…perhaps that is what I could print on a business card. People ask me all the time what it is that I do. I do many, many things. I’m a writer, artist, coffeeshop owner, mother, a general doer, I’d say….but I like this new title of “ephimerist”, It has a …

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Jul 07

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts I walk on the sunny side of the street. I’m genuine in a world of chaos. I dream simple. I love to gamble. I live in a box. I toss my losses into the box. I innovate, just like purple carrots do, Then I remember what I forgot to do.

Jul 07

Army surplus store

Nautical Rope Tossed Ashore During a Storm

Today I went to the Army Surplus store to buy a duffle bag to pack all my supplies for Siberia. I am now the owner of a large army-colored duffle bag adorned with zebra print duct tape….I might need to go back and buy a pocket knife, but I felt as if I needed to …

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Jul 07

I Need a Television Show that is Totally Different

We think we fit that bill. The beginnings of Shifting Circles and as we continue to evolve and bring in new energy is exactly how we feel the series will build on a national scale. Openess, oneness, uniqueness, mystery, drama and love!  

Jul 04

A Conversation, just a few miles outside of the Land of the Lost…

I came across this story that I wrote in 2010, probably right about this time of year. After chatting with Maia today, who travelled to Siberia in 2006, I thought of this story and wanted to share. “A Conversation, just a few miles outside of the Land of the Lost” With lake blue eyes, a …

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