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Aug 20

Solving Problems That Have No Answers

problems without solutions

There is change and rest within the human experience. Change is a force that moves and rest is a force that builds for the next change. Current political breakdowns and civil wars in the Middle East have us thinking how to solve problems that seem to have no good answers. When I put this to …

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Jun 05

The Show and Philosophy

Shifting Circles has been described as “Entertainment like a chautauqua with a potlatch thrown in.”

Jun 05

Mel Shampain’s Shifting Circles

We are hard pressed to argue with the popularity of Mel Shampain. Mel has stepped up from the glow of his contribution to Shifting Circles to carve a little niche for himself in that blue eyed, broad backed, barrel chested sex symbol space. What seems to have been forgotten about the humorous and “sexy” Mel …

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Nov 02

Shifting Circles Seattle News- Mind Unwind

One of the first memebers of Shifting Circles is of course Krystal Kelly. She is a steady contributor to the show and on this site as well as one of our chief creatives. It was Krystal Kelly that took Shifting Circles to the Altai, some say the most magical land on Earth. It was Krystal …

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Sep 07

“Demokratische Teilhabe” Asked by Mario Draghi for Europe

Remarks by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB on receiving the M100 Media Award 2012 Potsdam, 6 September 2012 Bits of the speech from Sanssouci. This was delivered several hours prior to President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The day of the Way for the author. The full text is here:¬† …

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Sep 21

The Rainbow Bridge

Featuring the Love Fairy

  Upon preparing to leave for Siberia, I had to drop my daughters off with their Grandparents. On the way across the Puget Sound, while sitting on a ferry, my 8 year old daughter told me she wanted me to take her drawing with me on my trip. She said this was “a Love Fairy …

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Sep 12

A Full Moon Ago

During the last full moon, I was in the high elevations of the Altai Mountains in Siberia, Russia. I was, at that point travelling completely solo in a nomadic part of the world. The “towns” would be more aptly described as camps. The only thing familiar to me was the light of the moon…it was …

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Sep 09


step. step. swing. swing. pause. step. step. swing. swing. pause. step. step. swing….it is a rhythm. Like a pendulum swings, my arms are synchronized with my swinging legs. The rhythm follows a feeling in my beating heart. The beat, the step, the swing, the pause all-encompasing for the body, but the mind is free. Wandering …

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Aug 24


“Nyet!” was the message delivered after months of preparing for the trek, flying to the other side of the planet, half a day prior at a Russian Governmental Agency with my interpreter filling out Cyrillic paperwork three times over, 3 hours down a dirt road, 2 hours of waiting in the hot, Siberian sun and …

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Aug 10

Shifting Circles Star Begins Journey to Everywhere

Weather, Economy, Social Instability Examples of World’s Circles Now Being Shifted. Daring? Perhaps not since perhaps Neil Armstrong’s trip to the moon have we experienced a rocket journey like the one our Krystal Light has cosmically stepped into. The most daring of us might make last minute decision to go to Las Vegas for example. …

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