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Sep 06

The Last Election

“Global Presidency for  2016- or 2020 After Coming Economic and Human Transformations” One day people will be shocked to think that you could use paper to buy fire. It’s not hard to think that continued global unrest will lead to significant changes in political and social structures in the next few years. As Arab Spring …

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May 17

I Ching Business Consulting

Business buries itself in numbers- when they do not provide an obvious path, perhaps the power of Time can help.

When your business is at an impasse, perhaps the Chinese ancient book the I Ching or Classic of Changes or Book of Changes can provide guidance. We won’t explain the I Ching here. But we see the possibilities of using its remarkable wisdom through a time lens as an asset for any corporation. Every business, …

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Apr 21

My Business Needs an Exorcism

AN exorcism for a business? Peter Hetzel of Fish and Crane believes that the idea a business is infected with the devil may be a bit extreme. “But I understand the sentiment in which these comments are made. People often view their own or another businesses as the devil,” says Peter. “Words are powerful. And …

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