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Sep 07

“Demokratische Teilhabe” Asked by Mario Draghi for Europe

Remarks by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB on receiving the M100 Media Award 2012 Potsdam, 6 September 2012 Bits of the speech from Sanssouci. This was delivered several hours prior to President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The day of the Way for the author. The full text is here: …

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Sep 06

The Last Election

“Global Presidency for  2016- or 2020 After Coming Economic and Human Transformations” One day people will be shocked to think that you could use paper to buy fire. It’s not hard to think that continued global unrest will lead to significant changes in political and social structures in the next few years. As Arab Spring …

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Aug 14

I Ching Seeing The Way

An Image Worth a Thousand Words Produces Only Words. The I Ching Can Produce the Infinite.

I Ching consultations and introductory training are now being offered in Tokyo. For the next several months assistance in developing hexagrams and interpreting your readings is available through a helpful and strong guide. Fees are based on transportation costs and initial sessions are a minimum of one hour. We suggest you pay what you feel …

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May 17

I Ching Business Consulting

Business buries itself in numbers- when they do not provide an obvious path, perhaps the power of Time can help.

When your business is at an impasse, perhaps the Chinese ancient book the I Ching or Classic of Changes or Book of Changes can provide guidance. We won’t explain the I Ching here. But we see the possibilities of using its remarkable wisdom through a time lens as an asset for any corporation. Every business, …

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Mar 19

Spreading our Infectous Imaginations

So, I have this idea that I believe was planted in my mind in Altai this summer. The seed has been growing roots since August and a very nice tree trunk is now taking form. It requires an entire community to make this tree bud, but I think it can happen. My idea is to …

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Nov 02

Peripheral Hearing

Have you ever watched a jogging blind man? It almost sounds like an oxymoron…but I saw one in Portland back in May. He had a sight-enabled friend jogging ahead of him yelling instructions like, “curb!” and “cross NOW!” I began to wonder about the idea of peripheral hearing. Sometimes, I walk along the beach and …

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Nov 01

It was the shape of a fingernail…

hanging low in the sky, the ethereal moon crept behind some whispy clouds. A pillow of smoke lazily slithered from my mouth. It was cold outside, cold enough for my breath to wave back at me. I think about attempting to leave behind my conditioned mind. I could open up to the universe and see …

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Sep 27

Words of Tomorrow

“Words of Tomorrow” is a pocket dictionary of words I’ve created today for use tomorrow. These words are mind gems. Some are created as my mind unwinds, others were created by someone else, but I believe them to be cool and I have given them my own definition. Here is the beginning of my project: …

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Aug 12

Krystal Light Stopped at Siberian Border

Officials Stop KL at a Siberian Border Last Night! Shifting Circles star and producer Krystal Light has been kept by Russian officials from entering the next leg on the journey into the Altai Mountains to document and participate with light workers and native tribal leaders in one of the great energy spots of the world. …

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Aug 12


Deep in the Mountains of Siberia, a symphony of barking dogs echoes the area. The sun is hot in the sky, white clouds drift north, high and dry. The wilderness is as wide as deep, very few animals even dare to creep. The people carry a permanent poker face… literally, they are an amazing race. …

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