Hitachi 10 Can Flourish in Indian Rail Venture

An executive with Toyota asked me my thoughts on Hitachi Ltd. of Japan entering India with an in-house unit for marketing and procurement in a bid to win supply contracts related to shinkansen systems in India. Here’s a brief article on the plan.
Meditating on the venture I then consulted the I Ching. The results are not surprising but very, very interesting. We hope Hitachi and especially, Executive Vice President Junzo Nakajima, are listening.

Avoid All Internal and External Conflict

Off they go the Hitachi Ten (H10). Chosen not for their knowledge of India or Indian business culture ( to be fair, few have that) but because Hitachi thinks the key players have, for lack of a better word “cunning” and they show outward determination. But people with cunning and grit can be quarrelsome and when met with a powerful force like India conflict is sure to occur. But conflict is something that must be avoided both internally and, of course, in their marketing activities.

Right from the beginning then, to reduce or avoid conflict, all of their potential transactions need to be clearly defined to focus H10’s mission. And within the H10 each person’s rights and duties are to be exactly defined. Plus if they can create a spiritual like harmony within H10 potential troubles (and there are many) can be taken care of in advance.

Visit the Most Important Player in Indian Rail

Hitachi doesn’t need the oracle to tell them visiting the most important person in Indian rail is important.  But in this case it is doubly important  because if accomplished soon,  many of the potential internal frustrations and conflicts will be put to rest.  This meeting will certainly help H10’s  marketing efforts but, perhaps more importantly, it will also solidify the leader of the group’s position within the H10 itself. If he or she does not do this there will be unfortunate, resource wasting, conflicts, leadership questions and resource draining frustrations. This would be a shame as Hitachi has a high calling to help India, Japan, and of course Hitachi itself.

Being Right and Doing the Right Thing are Different

Not only do H10’s key people carry personalities that might lead them to be quarrelsome, they also act with a sincere feeling of being right. This will bring out opposition. But when, or if, H10 can become less convinced of being right they then shall face high handedness and encroachments. This is still far better than conflict. But when they do let themselves get stuck in a quarrel or conflict they have no choice but to be prepared, even if they are right, to meet fully halfway in India.

Pausing and ignoring so as to not allow even small things to go to full blown conflict will serve them well in the beginning.  Turning their back on a potential conflict to maintain peace will work out in the end. By carefully dealing with many issues, job roles, and strategies in the beginning, avoiding conflicts,  and adding traditional Japanese perseverance there will be peaceful and joyful progress for H10 in India.

The Hitachi Way for Success in India: Be Teachers

The oracle sees H10 potentially  helping Hitachi win India! The prospects, if the above issues are dealt with, has me tempted to buy Hitachi stock. By surviving the initial conflict stage they will develop patience with the business culture of India. Then the ultimate key for Hitachi, to unlock the Indian puzzle, is for H10 to market themselves as teachers of the rails for all of India. If, like a true sage, they speak from the heart with an honest desire to protect all the people, even the train hoppers, through quality products, know-how and a desire for a better world Hitachi Ltd.  may “inspire the Next” growth market for themselves and Japan.. Become givers of knowledge,  build trust, help with existing problems in rail in India and a great many future projects will come your way.


January 08, 2014



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