Solving Problems That Have No Answers

problems without solutions

There is change and rest within the human experience. Change is a force that moves and rest is a force that builds for the next change.

Current political breakdowns and civil wars in the Middle East have us thinking how to solve problems that seem to have no good answers. When I put this to a wise soul he gave me back this:

To solve problems with no answers we must listen. We must listen for the truth. A truth that is fundamental to the heart of the human experience. That truth, of course, is love. But within our quests to listen for the truth there will be lies. This is the challenge, to see through the lies on a path to listen for love.

But by listening for love, and believing in the truth of love, people will still fight and die. The problem of violence will not be quickly solved, but dying for love will give the lives of the combatants benefits to their immortal spirits. Are they dying for a truth? That is for the individual to decide regardless of leadership influence. My hope is that they have thought it out and believe in their cause so much that they can kill without blame and die without regret. For this is a path that faces many and will not be stopped soon. There will be blood. It makes no difference.

So for a problems with no solutions, individuals I hope will think for themselves how to best advance their spirit. In this way there will be spiritual progress amongst another round of human violence. In this path of listening for truth humans will see a way to eventual rest from the current change.

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