Jun 05

Mel Shampain’s Shifting Circles

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We are hard pressed to argue with the popularity of Mel Shampain. Mel has stepped up from the glow of his contribution to Shifting Circles to carve a little niche for himself in that blue eyed, broad backed, barrel chested sex symbol space.

What seems to have been forgotten about the humorous and “sexy” Mel Shampain is his incredible intelligence mel shampain ferdinand vondruskaand friendliness. He adds a sense of unlimited possibilites to Shifting Circles and his creativity is off the charts. But what really makes Mel so valuable to us is his ability to talk to the fringe members of society. The lonely geniuses, the frustrated artists, the failed dreamers. These are the people that Shifting Circles seeks to build up and promote and we don’t think any are better at reaching them and building their trust more than Mel Shampain. Glad you are with us, Mel.