“Demokratische Teilhabe” Asked by Mario Draghi for Europe

Remarks by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB
on receiving the M100 Media Award 2012
Potsdam, 6 September 2012

Bits of the speech from Sanssouci.

This was delivered several hours prior to President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The day of the Way for the author.

The full text is here: http://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2012/html/sp120906.en.html

Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi calls for a voice to make European’s citizen’s  heard, or “Demokratische Teilhabe”. We think the voices are speaking and there is hearing, but there is no true listening.  Leaders that can listen will produce citizens that are heard.  Not the other way around.

Draghi calls for  the media to help develop a eine europäische Öffentlichkeit.  A European Public Space.  He refers to creating a “European first” identity. “Imagine there’s no countries.”  Can Europe truly vision a day where one will claim their ancestory as European, for example? ” All is possible.

“Could you consider, for example, publishing what we might call “imported pages” from foreign newspapers?”  This is a decent idea. I’ve tried to implent this  with American publishers of newspapers years ago. Trying to get European pages into American press.  There was no interest.  But in Japan this was quite common with the very good English newspaper,The Daily Yomuri. Yomuri would put two full pages daily from leading newspapers around the globe but not with the idea of unification.

Unification and interest shall be a challenge for the media and politicos in Europe.  However, apathy can be overcome by building unity.  Unity of Europeans will come by developing empathy. Empathy is developed through education. Education is media.

Draghi continues, “Ultimately, a genuine European public space is essential for supporting the long-term vision of the euro area. Citizens need to be in basic agreement that, within a monetary union, certain economic models are no longer possible. They must understand that there are limits to national discretion in economic policies that affect the area as a whole. In other words, there needs to be a new consensus on economic policies that will reinvigorate the European social model and make it fit for the 21st century.”

This is the main and most concerning paragraph of the speech.  Within a “One Europe space” hopes are that old nationalism will take a back seat to  new nationalism- Europe.  This  will require much new conditioning of the gate keepers of the news prior to being able to transform generations into European citizens first.

We wish congratulations upon Mr. Draghi and wish him well.  We look forward to seeing him in San Jose 2012  October 15-16 CPV.



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