Sep 27

Words of Tomorrow

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“Words of Tomorrow” is a pocket dictionary of words I’ve created today for use tomorrow.

These words are mind gems. Some are created as my mind unwinds, others were created by someone else, but I believe them to be cool and I have given them my own definition.

Here is the beginning of my project:

(by the way, these are not yet in alphabetical order. They are in “inspira-order”)

Inspira-order: by order of inspiration. The random baubles that enter our mind are rarely in alphabetical or numerical or scientific order….I consider this the order of the universe.

Ofay- it means “okay” with a lisp

Fanatastak-means fantastic, but looks cooler. For use texting.

Oncha-means anything you want it to.

Kuhl-means cool, only cooler.

Happitude-happiness with attitude.

Somewhen- just like somewhere, but as “some” is paired with time instead of place.

Femmer-a description of effeminate

Gryllus-when two people are one creative energy.

Politricks-Political tricks

Organical-Something with an essence of being organic, whether it is or not, it just seems organic.

Soch-So bad plus bad timing

Quizness-Asking questions about someone’s business.

Rememorable-Remembering memories

Nithing-Kind of like “nothing” but with the emphasis on “nith”. Most effective when said with a Russian accent and wrinkling your nose as if you are disgusted by what you are referring to.

Opportunivore-Someone who will eat anything in front of them.

Lack-tarded- A lactose intolerant individual.

Zensense-Nonsense, but there is meaning behind the nonsense.

Recyclage-the recycled garbage.




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