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What started from a sleeping dream has become a reality.

The partnership between Vancouver’s well respected Ardent Group Media led by Pat Bermel and the creative energies of Fish and Crane’s Peter Hetzel has started another project that will bring transformational experiences to audiences in a scientific and mystical way.

We have grown and made our Shifting Circles project happen from generosity, openness, and a love for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. If you are here, you probably know what we have accomplished in British Columbia and perhaps we can now go further forward with you. Always forward. Always with love. Always for Mother Earth. Always for our fellow beings.

Our second and third projects are in motion, and soon the trailer for The Healers of Britannia Beach will be complete and uploaded. We owe so much thanks to the core group of healers of Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada. How does one thank people who restored their sight and infused a sense of purpose for what we are doing into our entire team? We will thank them by actions. By remembering as we move forward the foundation created for us by their mindful energy, love, wisdom, and their own desires to learn and grow.

We believe in Shifting Circles as a project and we believe our production group is the energy to document the Earth’s messages and the unique peoples around the globe who are helping her and us.

To learn more about Shifting Circles or our other projects, we must wait on your action.

Email: Firsthello@shiftingcircles.com



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